Xiaomi™ Portable Home Projector

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The Xiaomi™ Portable Home Projector is a great entertainment device for adults and children. It can project movies, Youtube, Netflix, etc., directly from the HDMI. Can be paired with a HDMI TV fire stick and easily upgrade in a smart projector.


  • Enjoy An Outstanding Picture Quality Projector
  • Supporting Full HD 1080p With 480p Native
  • Perfectly Bright With 150 ANSI Lumen
  • LCD Projection Technology With LED Source
  • Impeccable LCD Color Range Reproduction
  • Digital Keystone Correction +-30 Degrees

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Xiaomi™ Portable Home Projector


Xiaomi™ Portable Home Projector is one of the most interesting small sized projector with an excellent color reproduction and impressive brightness of 150 ANSI Lumen.

It is really unbelievable to see such a small projector with a net size of just 150 x 140 x 110mm to deliver so much, competing with much larger projectors. Furthermore it is also equipped with a pair of stereo speakers delivering a very good sound.


Xiaomi™ Home Portable Projector is fully featured, it comes with a remote controller, making it easy to control it remotely on the fly. Highly recommended for movies watching, cartoons, TV Shows, gaming and normal Live TV. It is clearly the best small sized projector you will ever own, it will deliver a stunning picture every-time you will turn it on.

Please click the following link to watch a demonstration video: Demo Video 1 | Demo Video 2

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How is the color reproduction and brightness?
A. LCD Technology projectors are well-known for perfect color reproduction, the brightness is not affected by whats on the scene delivering a very satisfying all around picture quality for movies, YouTube and gaming.

Q. What about brightness, does it require dark room only?
A. This projector delivers an outstanding 150 ANSI Lumen which is comparable with much larger projectors. As matter of comparing, consider that mini projectors are in the range of 25-50 ANSI Lumen. The Xiaomi 150 ANSI Lumen is suitable for all environment but the experience will be much augmented in a darker room. As this mainly depends on environment conditions and the projection size, smaller the projection size, brighter it will be. Projecting on a white  wall is much better than on a colored wall, a projection screen is even better. Finally, if the room lights are not directly lighting on the projection screen it will be much better.

Q. Does this projector include batteries?
A. No, because of small size and powerful LED source the batteries become obsolete due the required batteries size to power the projector for e decent amount of time.

Q. How can a play videos and media?
A. The projector is equipped with three inputs, HDMI, USB and AV. Videos can be streamed directly from the HDMI or you can play videos stored in a USB stick. Also AV input comes handy for connecting older devices like retro gaming consoles. Many users are also connecting Android Fire Stick, enabling a full Android experience with YouTube, Netflix streamed via Wireless Internet Connection.

Customer Reviews

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Works good

Overall a good portable projector. Downside, does not have any android system. Needs a HDMI fire stick, etc.

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