Wooden Traditional Pro Chessboard

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The Most Aristocratic Game Of All Times
Well Known Intelligence Developer Game
Classic Design As Professionals Play
Quality Traditional Wooden Board
Extra Touch – Magnetic Piece’s Bottom
Portable And Suitable For All Ages

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Traditional Board and Pieces – Play or learn chess in the way all masters did.
Genuine Wooden Board – Luxury case for a long living game.
Magnetic Bottom Pieces – Additional luxury touch for making the game even more fun.
Full Standard Size 36cm Chess-Board – The best size for all home chess boards, adding to the portability.
Guaranteed Satisfaction – This is not a consumable product, you will buy it only once!



Wooden Traditional Pro Chessboard brings the fun at your home, either when you are new player or an experienced one, you can’t go wrong with our special chessboard.

The traditional classic design adds even more value by emphasizing the real game potential rather than the distractions by strange decorated boards out there.

The magnetic bottom of the pieces is a really nice touch which helps avoiding accidental fall of the pieces avoiding to ruin the game.

Exquisite details on the pieces for a natural feel of professional game play. The craftsmanship is so detailed that it becomes a real pleasure to open the board up and start a game with family members or friends. Furthermore it is easy portable, the board folds and encloses the pieces easily within.



Style: Traditional/Classic
Size: 36 x 32 x 2.5 cm (14.1 x 12.6 x 0.98 inches)
Board Material: Genuine Wood
Pieces Material: Wood Plastic and Magnet
Board Type: Foldable
Gross Weight: 1.3 KG (2.86 lbs)



Q. Are the pieces heavy?
A. The weight is perfect and the additional magnetic bottom makes it even better.

Q. Is this product waterproof?
A. No, this product is not waterproof.

Q. How to clean the board and the pieces?
A. Just use a damp piece of cotton cloth same as you would do with wooden materials.

Q. How many pieces are included?
A. Obviously, full sets of white and black pieces, in total 32 Pcs.

Q. How can I learn chess?
A. There is a lot of info online, we would recommend to start with this PDF file: download chess learning tutorial.

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