Teeth Ultrasonic Calculus Scraper

$ 29.00

Perfect Teeth Cleaning With High Precision
Calculus, Tartar Remover With Scraping
Safe Ultrasonic Scraping Same As Dentist Tools
Fast Results, Effective Cleaning Method
Remove Dangerous Bacteria With A Simple Move
Fully Portable With Rechargeable Battery

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The Calculus Scraping Technique

The most common issue with oral hygiene is that toothbrush cleaning is limited. The toothbrush can not reach between teeth to clean plaque efficiently, leaving behind spots for bacteria to grow and tartar/calculus to form and attach to the enamel.

Once the process of calculus forming starts, there is no turning back, it has to be removed by the dentist with ultrasonic scraping technique.

Our device brings exactly that functionality from the dentist’s chair to your toilet, in a simple and functional way. A teeth scraping tool that works with the same principles as the professional one, just lay the ultrasonic vibration tip over the calculus and watch it getting dismantled off the teeth surface!



☑️ Easy to use, the technology behind it is the ultrasonic vibration. Just lay the stainless steel tip on the calculus and it will remove it piece by piece off the teeth.


☑️ The cleaning process is easy and hassle free, repeat the same process gently on the area of interest, mainly on visible calculus which forms where the toothbrush can not reach.


☑️ Five working speeds can be selected, it is recommended to start with lower speeds on first applications an then increase accordingly to the needs.

☑️ Guaranteed results from the initial uses, as the ultrasonic vibration tip will break down calculus, there is nothing that can disrupt the good results. Thousands of happy users are an additional proof!


☑️ Get yours today at an amazing price. Equip your toilet with the ultimate oral hygiene tool you will ever need. Start a new healthy habit making the difference with just a simple step.


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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

Pink, Blue

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