Smart Automatic Water Tap

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With Smart Automatic Water Tap you will upgrade your home water tap into a smart one, motion activated with universal attachment kit included.


  • Smart Automatic Water Tap Upgrade
  • Eco-Friendly And Easy Water Saver
  • Dual Infrared Sensors For Start/Stop Triggering
  • Compatible With All Faucet Types (Set Included)
  • 6 Months Battery Life With A Single Charge

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Smart Automatic Water Tap

Smart Automatic Water Tap is the most interesting upgrade for home water tap. Turn your water tap into a fully automatic water supply with touch-less triggering.

Smart Automatic Water Tap


Equipped with two infrared sensors for triggering the water to run or stop. The bottom sensor detects when hands are near and starts the water flow, for hands washing or for washing something else, like vegetables. It cuts the water flow immediately when you are finished and move your hands or object away from the water tap.

Instead, the side sensor triggers when we intentionally want the water to flow uninterrupted, we need to hand trigger again to stop the flow. The water flow will stop automatically after 20 seconds if no stop command has been detected.

Universal fit kit and all the required parts are included in the package.

Smart Automatic Water Tap

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will it fit my water tap?
A. Yes, it comes with all common faucet adapters for universal fit.

Q. What tools to I need for the installation?
A. All is included, no extra tools are needed, just unscrew the current top faucet (filter holder, the spot from where the water comes out). Mount the adapter that fits (included) and plug firmly the device until you hear click. That’s all.

Q. Is hot water a problem?
A. We recommend to avoid to run very hot water for long seasons, lukewarm water is no problem at all. The water temperature that human hand can support is totally fine.

Q. How to charge the battery?
A. The battery can be charged with normal Micro-USB cable. A full charge will last for 6 months.

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Category: Home Improvement
Function: Automatic Water Tap
Sensor: Dual-Infrared
Automatic Cut Off: Yes, 20 Seconds
Battery: Rechargeable, 6 Months Runtime
Faucet Fit: Universal, Fit-Kit Included
Gross Weight: 600g (1.3 lbs)

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