PeriPage™ Portable Printer

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Everything on our smartphones, tablets, computers is about digital data, imagine being able to output in paper whatever you like, With PeriPage™ Portable Printer this is possible!


  • Transform Your Digital Data To Paper Print
  • Print Directly From The Smartphone
  • Print Pictures, Text, Labels, Memories, etc.
  • Thermal Printing Technology, Ink-Free
  • Completely Portable With Rechargeable Battery
  • Advanced APP For iPhone, Android and PC

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Print Directly From The Smartphone
Connect PeriPage™ Portable Printer via Bluetooth to your Smartphone and start printing directly on paper, pictures, handwriting, notes, passwords, endless applications.

Print Pictures, Text, Labels, Memories, etc.
Have fun with the printer by printing whatever you like, limitless possibilities and applications, for students also a useful gadget.


Ink-Free Thermal Printing Technology
No ink, no chemicals, no refills, ever! Thermal printing technology which prints on thermal paper directly and no consumables other than paper.

Completely Portable With Rechargeable Battery
Recharge the battery and print up to 4 paper rolls with a single charge, fully portable solution for even more fun with family and friends. Bring it with you in your pocket and print notes or pictures right away.


PeriPage™ Portable Printer can print anything, no limitations, starting from graphics, pictures, images, text with tons of fonts, logos, etc. Imagination will be the only limitation.

PeriPage™ Portable Printer

It can also print on labeled paper which is ready for tagging objects or for sticking into a book, etc. It uses standard 58mm thermal paper which can be purchased easily at any traditional paper-shop for very cheap.

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Category: Educational Gadgets
Function: Portable Thermal Printer
Printing Density: 203 dpi grayscale
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB Cable
Paper Used: Thermal 58mm x 25mm Roll Thickness
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Microsoft
Battery: Rechargeable
Print Head Life: 50km
Net Size: 3.14″ x 3.14″ x 1.65″ (80 x 80 x 42 mm)
APP Name: PeriPage 2020
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How to connect with the printer?
First enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Install the APP by searching on App Store or Play Store for PeriPage (install the APP named PeriPage2020). Turn on the PeriPage printer by holding the top button pressed for 2 seconds (it will turn green). Double press fast the same button and the printer will print a barcode which can be used for automatic pairing. On the APP click on Device Connect (middle button at the bottom) and scan the barcode. It will connect automatically and you are ready to start printing.

Please note to charge the printer before using it for better performance. Also please allow location services for the APP during the installation.

Q. Where to find the paper rolls?

The paper used is common thermal paper with a roll size of: Width 58mm (2 1/4 inches) and Diameter 25mm. This kind of paper is used in receipt printers and is cheap. Can be purchased at any paper-shop. Colored paper rolls are also available, we will include some paper rolls with the printer for using and for referencing.

Q. How to change the paper?

PeriPage™ Portable Printer

Changing the paper is also very simple, to open the printer, slide both half in the direction of the small arrows on the right side to open the printer. Then replace the paper and close the printer vice-versa by letting some paper lay outside.

Note that thermal paper can print on one side only, if prints are blank, please rotate the paper.

Q. How to charge PeriPage™?
For charging please use the included USB Cable and attach it to any USB power source, like your mobile phone charger, computer, etc. It will charge much faster if connected to the phone charger rather then to the computer USB port. With one full charge, it can print up to four paper rolls.

Q. How to clean the printer?
It is recommended to clean the thermal head once in while, use a clean and dump cotton cloth and gently clean it, avoiding any scratching.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Arrived fast

Arrived pretty fast in Jersey, several paper rolls were included. The App is pretty advanced and has a lot of details, like different fonts and image enhancements. My daughter loves sticking print outs to a note book. I hope it lasts.


Arrived fast, very well packed with air cushion wrapping. The printer looks high quality, I have not tested yet. Looks sound!

We'd love to read your review once you use it. We're sure you'll be satisfied.

Very nice

Bought this for my younger daughter, she loves it. Came fast, 5 days to our door in CA.

Thanks for your message, highly appreciated!

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